Landowner Insights

We Are Thankful

There are many tangible and non-tangible items in life for giving thanks.  At Live Water Properties we are continually thankful for our wonderful clients, properties we represent and connecting people to the land we all value. Below are a handful of thoughts from the LWP team on what each are grateful for this Thanksgiving.

It has been an exciting 2019 for Macye Maher, CFO/ Owner, as she supported the Live Water Southern launch this May, “My gratitude this Thanksgiving is toward the five new Southern Brokers-Hunter, Catherine, Jane, Sarah and Toby-who joined our team this year. Look out for them in 2020.”

John Merritt, Vice President of LWP, finds the American freedom a reality that brings him joy, “A country where we can freely pursue personal pursuits of choice, whether in business or life.”

Brian Hartley, our original Colorado ranch broker, provided us with what he will celebrate this Thanksgiving. “This year I am most thankful for my recently expanded family of four. My wife, Sara, and I welcomed our new son, Wells, in early October. I am thankful that some days work involves shotguns and fly rods, and most days either revolve around spending time on, or discussing, spectacular ranch properties throughout the Rockies. I am honored and thankful to have developed a great network of past clients, related service providers and colleagues with other ranch brokerage firms; I enjoy expanding new relationships and strengthening existing ones.”

Catherine Cobb, one of our Southern brokers, calls her home an item to praise thanks for, “I am thankful for the fall weather here in the Southeast and the bountiful fishing and hunting provided to us this time of year. Also, for the friends and clients, new and old with whom we get to recreate in the sportsman’s paradise!”

Wyomingite, Toby Griffith who joined LWP this year in our Cody office is thankful for, “Most of all, I’m thankful for my family. My mom, dad (RIP), brother, sister-in-law, nephew, niece, girlfriend, her son and daughter, all my relatives and friends, two dogs and three cats. I’m thankful for every experience and opportunity God has provided, good and bad as I’ve appreciated the good and learned from the bad. I’m thankful for every person I’ve encountered throughout my life and those who God will place in my life in the future. I’m thankful for my health, wealth and happiness. And lastly, I’m thankful for the physical and mental pains I have every day, without these it would prove my life as being boring as hell.”

Jane Keller has her family to be thankful for and specifically her daughter, “Navy LT. Caroline Brown, will be arriving in Djibouti, Africa for a year deployment on Thanksgiving Day, which also happens to be her 29th birthday.  So, I am thankful for her courage and spirit and all of our family and friends who are supporting her in this mission.”

Where we call home is always a something we keep near and dear to our heart, Missoula broker Dan Mahoney feels this way about Montana.  “In our ever-changing world, I am thankful that I live in Montana, and get to raise my family here.”

Emily Feuz, Marketing Director, has many people and animals to be thankful for, “I have so much to be thankful for this year, starting with my amazing family, great friends and of course my dog and horses. I am incredibly blessed to live in Jackson Hole where my family roots run deep. I’m thankful for great coworkers who challenge me and make me look forward to showing up to work each day, and a job that allows me to both market and live the western lifestyle I am passionate about.”

Della Frederickson, Design Associate, has her ever growing animal family to be thankful for, “this thanksgiving I am thankful for family, friends and pets. I am also thankful to be on the LWP team where every day is exciting and incorporates my interests of graphic design, photography and the western lifestyle.

Digital Content Manager, Reilly McSharry Dillon, looked back at the past year and had lots to be grateful for, “2019 has been an incredible year of growth mentally, professionally and especially in the outdoors.  I’d like to say thank you to my friends, family and co-workers who help develop me day and day out.  The career I pursue seems like a magic carpet ride and I am thrilled to be along for the ride.”

Live Water Properties wants to thank our clients for the work and challenges they provide each year.  We look forward to serving those good people in 2020.

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