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Reduced: Lake Creek Lodge

Camp Sherman, Oregon

41.90 Acres$6,100,000


  • Historic lodge and 22 cabins
  • Future development for 20 additional cabins
  • Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, Basketball Court
  • Private Fishing Lake
  • Full service kitchen and bar with liquor license
  • Metolius River fly fishing close proximity

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Property Details

Lake Creek Lodge has been the centerpiece to many summer vacations having had guests come back year after year and even generation after generation.  The relaxed atmosphere and abundance of activities provide a starting point for almost any adventure you have in mind.  This lodge has character, charm, and history with stories from each generation passed on to the next.  Every season has opportunity to be outside, but even sitting in the lodge with a coffee or cocoa and reading a book can be a trip back in time.  The aesthetic and feel of the grounds will take you away from any fast-paced environment.  Take a stroll along the creek and watch deer cross the meadows, or in many cases, your front yard.  Grandparents, parents, and children all call Lake Creek Lodge home and carry on the legacy of this family-centric resort that has been utilized by generations of families.

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